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A bang not a whimper

Today did not go well.  To begin with, it involved trying to book an emergency service for my car that has decided to pick the only week when I will actually need it to light up its dashboard warning lights … Continue reading

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An impulse decision

I signed up for the Windsor half-marathon today.  An impulse decision in response to a throw-away comment from an old schoolfriend (“why don’t you join me?”).  So now, if I don’t get a place in the Royal Parks half-marathon, I still … Continue reading

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March Madness

My Bedfont Lakes parkrun this morning completes my original goal for February, which was to do a parkrun every Saturday, keeping the chance of a 50 t-shirt by next Janathon alive. Looking ahead to March, I have a couple of … Continue reading

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Febtathlon – rule five

Time for a new rule.  Because today I didn’t run and I didn’t cycle, and I have no intention of moving from the sofa for the rest of the evening.  But what will win the coveted title ‘Febtathlon – rule five‘? … Continue reading

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What a pathetic day!  I managed a whole 1km run this morning, and then cycled the short way home because I wanted to avoid a rise so slight that to call it a hill is to ask for ridicule. On … Continue reading

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Chicken or egg?

Which comes first?  Speed or endurance?  At the end of May, I want to be running 10km in 70mins.  Today, I ran 7.25km in 56mins.  Which would equate to 10km in 77mins.  Should I concentrate on building up my distance and … Continue reading

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Aaaargh! Too much clutter!

I can’t see my desk at work because of all the clutter.  I can’t see the dining room table at home because of all the clutter.  Actually, I can’t see the bedroom floor, the dining room table, the coffee table, … Continue reading

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If life gives you lemons…

…make lemonade. Or in my case ‘if life separates you from your oyster card, run the long way home’. Just before I left work, I realised that I had left my oyster card at home.  Along with all my cash and my … Continue reading

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Asking for trouble

I did the Nike workout again today.  The one that, last week, made every muscle from my waist down go on strike for four days.  Am I a fool or an incurable optimist to believe that this time I’ll be … Continue reading

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Prime time

On the 19th of February, I ran my 7th parkrun, finishing 17th (out of 17) at the 23rd Old Deer Park event in a time of 31mins (and 32 seconds). I am in my prime.  (I am also pinned to the … Continue reading

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