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A distinct lack of parkrun tourism

I appear to have lost my taste for parkrun tourism. It happened last February too, when I ran an unprecedented four consecutive weeks at Wimbledon. This year has been slightly less dramatic, featuring Banstead Woods, Wimbledon, Hilly Fields (as a … Continue reading

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24:56 [Warning – this post contains stats]

Since I completed my first parkrun in a time of 35:47, I have run 14 parkrun PBs, and fittingly, I have run them at 14 different venues. Wimbledon – 15 January 2011 – 32:56 Basingstoke – 29 January 2011 – … Continue reading

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Training run musings – kit

Aside from the whole getting stronger and fitter thing, training runs, especially long training runs, are useful for testing out kit and nutrition.  So with two recent loooong runs under my belt, what have I learned about my kit? Shoes: … Continue reading

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Hilly Fields parkrun and a Moonlight Challenge

There was no parkrun in my training plan this week.  Normally, I would query such an omission, but as I was due to spend Saturday night running muddy laps around a marsh, I decided to take the hint and volunteer … Continue reading

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Do you know that runner?

There are many things that I love about ultra runners and ultra running. One of the few things I haven’t yet warmed to is the incredible readiness of ultra runners to share the gory details of their bodily (mal)functions. So … Continue reading

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Still searching for my Go Hard

I’m not having much luck with this Go Hard thing.  My coach has so far avoided telling me to “go hard or go home”* and has instead taken to sharing motivational gems such as “be honest with yourself and when … Continue reading

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A lie in, a long run and a local parkrun

I had a plan. It involved Pegwell Bay parkrun and the Viking Coastal Trail. It also involved an appointment with disgusting o’clock and about four hours in the car. I ditched it. I had another plan. It involved Queen Elizabeth … Continue reading

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An unexpected pleasure

Tonight’s run was fabulous. I wasn’t expecting it to be. The weather had been revolting all day, I’m tired and ever-so-slightly spikey* and I ran** 33 miles on Sunday. So I was all prepared to feel as though I was … Continue reading

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Bog.  Clay.  Dirt.  Mire.  Muck.  Ooze.  Sediment.  Silt.  Slime.  Slop.  Sludge.  Slush. By the end of Day 2* of The Pilgrim’s Challenge, I was well and truly bysmottered**. I was also grinning like a loon***.  The weather was kind, the … Continue reading

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It’s a muddy conspiracy!

Coventry parkrun celebrated their birthday today.  I was looking forward to joining them, and meeting Julian (@morningofmagic), a blogger I’ve been following for some time. But that was before work became busy, before an Open University assignment took longer than … Continue reading

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