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Drawing a blank

The first time I met James Elson, he recognised me, out of context, from a photograph when he was at mile 135 of an ultra.  In fact, he not only recognised me, but also put a name to me.  All … Continue reading

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Tring parkrun (featuring Norm’s Cowell Club run and more examples of my superb observational skills).

If you’ve been struggling to find a fast, pancake flat and beautifully manicured course for your next parkrun PB attempt, then you really should check out Tring.  Because once you’ve run at Tring, pretty much every other parkrun course will seem … Continue reading

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Inspiring people – @jameselsons

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. James is a professional inspirer.  He is the Centurion Running race director and puts on six superb ultra-marathons each year to tempt runners to challenge themselves.  He is one of … Continue reading

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Inspiring people – @mia79gbr

I don’t read “Dreaming of Footpaths” because it’s inspiring, I read it because it’s funny.  Whether she’s getting lost, sitting on ants’ nests, or expounding on the dos and don’ts of running, the chances are that Sarah will have me … Continue reading

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Inspiring people – @cmmercer

There’s lots to find inspiring about Chris.  His willingness to take on any challenge, the way his parkrun times have gradually dropped from 26:?? to 25:?? to 24:?? to 23:?? to 22:?? to 21:??, the way that he has dealt … Continue reading

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Is inaugural parkrun tourism really a thing?

With all the chatter about inaugural tourism recently, I’ve been wondering just how big a thing inaugural parkrun tourism is. So I’ve been doing some digging. As it’s a time-consuming process involving a lot of copying and pasting, I haven’t been digging … Continue reading

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