Falkirk: the kelpies, the wheel and the barrier that wasn’t

The Falkirk Wheel has been on my must-see list for a while, so when I saw that run number 17 of Scottish Trail Running started there, I booked a B&B on the spot.  I mentioned my trip to Falkirk to a civil engineer staying at the bunkhouse in Balmaha, who said to visit the kelpies while I was there.

The Kelpies

Simply mesmerising. I couldn’t tear myself away and kept turning round for one last peek (and yet another photo).

The Wheel

Impressive, but strangely sterile.  I can spend hours playing with my reflection and upside-down reflection in an old-style tube train window, and still think that double knitting is magic despite understanding exactly how it works.  I was expecting to be captivated by boats being lifted into the air to meet a canal suspended on pillars, but instead I was merely interested.  I still took a gazillion photos though.

 The Barrier That Wasn’t

I didn’t make it to the end of run number 17.  About halfway through, it told me to turn right at the t-junction and then right again just in front of the barrier.  I thought I’d done the former but a mile later, when I’d yet to find the barrier, I realised I was well and truly lost.  Fortunately, the Callendar Estate has nifty little signposted trails, and it wasn’t too long before I stumbled across one pointing me in the direction of the Falkirk Wheel.  I may not have managed the run I’d planned, but the run I ended up with was lovely, and as I ran back along the Union Canal, I even caught one final glimpse of the magnificent kelpies.


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3 Responses to Falkirk: the kelpies, the wheel and the barrier that wasn’t

  1. John says:

    I see you are at the top of the wheel-did you make it to the bottom? I spotted a sign to the wheel when in Scotland a few weeks back, made the trip and glad of it, but the mini kelpies-one of two sets-were the highlight until the wheel actually turned some time into the stop.

  2. abradypus says:

    I watched the wheel from both the bottom and the top, but the sunshine meant it was hard to take photos from the bottom.

  3. shazruns says:

    The Kelpies are on my to do list, stunning, shame they are so dam far away!

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