Cuerden Valley, Roundhay and Queen Elizabeth parkruns

Three parkrundays, three very different parkrun experiences.

Cuerden Valley parkrun

Profile: Down.  Two undulating laps.  Up.

Cuerden Valley parkrun profile

Underfoot: Mixture of tarmac and trail.

Surroundings: Stunning, with some lovely sections through the trees.

Company: Superb – a tweetup with @knittingpenguin and @richeginger

Goal: A recovery run following Race to the Stones.  Gentle pace, walking the ups.

Time: 39:03

Café: Make your own tea; bring your own nibbles; it’s all about the chat.

Special thanks to: Neil McDonald for describing the route and being generally welcoming.


Roundhay parkrun

Profile: Three undulating laps, plus a smidge.

Roundhay parkrun profile

Underfoot: Tarmac.  Slippery when wet.

Surroundings: Parkland and pavilions.

Company: Ad hoc.  Chatted to some regulars, some first timers and some volunteers.

Goal: First steady run since Race to the Stones.

Time: 28:27

Café: Superb range of food, but doesn’t open until 10am, so not a core part of the parkrun.

Congratulations to: Patricia Nolan, running her 100th parkrun.


Queen Elizabeth parkrun

Profile: Net downhill… but with a 1km long drag and an uphill finish, you won’t think so.

QE parkrun profile

Underfoot: Chalky paths and grassy slopes

Surroundings: Glorious.

Company: Hosted by @kiernan5

Goal: Final part of a long run (with thanks to Kiernan and Marie for their company and route selections).

Time: 32:26

Café: Nice drinks, part and parcel of the parkrun experience and relaxed about people bringing their own cakes.  You can’t really ask for more.

Kudos to: Tony Ryan, running in full army gear complete with 30lb pack.


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5 Responses to Cuerden Valley, Roundhay and Queen Elizabeth parkruns

  1. I’ll have to add all of these to my ‘to run’ list. I did Richmond for the first time in 2 years this weekend and didn’t feel the hills this time!

  2. Claire says:

    You’re the only one who can help me, abradypus! I’m parkrun tourisming to Preston this weekend but the question is, Preston or Cuerden Valley? I’m not sure when I’ll be up here again, so only have time for one… Any recommendations? I don’t mind hills if the scenery is good! Thanks,

    • abradypus says:

      Depends what you like. Cuerden Valley is hilly trail with an informal café at the end. Preston is tarmac laps in a landscaped park with one hill per lap with a ‘proper’ café at the end. Both are lovely.

      • Claire says:

        Thank you! I plumped for Preston in the end and loved it! Might have to have another trip up there one day… Thanks for the blog, I always love reading what you write,( sorry forgot to actually mention that part in the excitement of my quest!)

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