Cuerden Valley, Roundhay and Queen Elizabeth parkruns

Three parkrundays, three very different parkrun experiences.

Cuerden Valley parkrun

Profile: Down.  Two undulating laps.  Up.

Cuerden Valley parkrun profile

Underfoot: Mixture of tarmac and trail.

Surroundings: Stunning, with some lovely sections through the trees.

Company: Superb – a tweetup with @knittingpenguin and @richeginger

Goal: A recovery run following Race to the Stones.  Gentle pace, walking the ups.

Time: 39:03

Café: Make your own tea; bring your own nibbles; it’s all about the chat.

Special thanks to: Neil McDonald for describing the route and being generally welcoming.


Roundhay parkrun

Profile: Three undulating laps, plus a smidge.

Roundhay parkrun profile

Underfoot: Tarmac.  Slippery when wet.

Surroundings: Parkland and pavilions.

Company: Ad hoc.  Chatted to some regulars, some first timers and some volunteers.

Goal: First steady run since Race to the Stones.

Time: 28:27

Café: Superb range of food, but doesn’t open until 10am, so not a core part of the parkrun.

Congratulations to: Patricia Nolan, running her 100th parkrun.


Queen Elizabeth parkrun

Profile: Net downhill… but with a 1km long drag and an uphill finish, you won’t think so.

QE parkrun profile

Underfoot: Chalky paths and grassy slopes

Surroundings: Glorious.

Company: Hosted by @kiernan5

Goal: Final part of a long run (with thanks to Kiernan and Marie for their company and route selections).

Time: 32:26

Café: Nice drinks, part and parcel of the parkrun experience and relaxed about people bringing their own cakes.  You can’t really ask for more.

Kudos to: Tony Ryan, running in full army gear complete with 30lb pack.


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2 Responses to Cuerden Valley, Roundhay and Queen Elizabeth parkruns

  1. I’ll have to add all of these to my ‘to run’ list. I did Richmond for the first time in 2 years this weekend and didn’t feel the hills this time!

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