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Crossed wires (#janathon day 9)

One of the lingering effects from breaking my ankle years ago (aside from a lack of flexibility which makes miracle stretching programmes almost irresistible) is a slight distortion to my sense of touch: pressing my scar triggers a short circuit … Continue reading

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Day 8 (of Janathon 2011)…

Originally posted on abradypus:
…my inner competitor made a bid for freedom. About 30secs after posting yesterday’s blog about doing a short recovery run today, I remembered that I’d been meaning to check out parkruns.  I found out about them…

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Losing weight (#janathon day 4)

Over the next ten months, I need to lose weight and if I fail there will be financial consequences. Let Operation “remove the £1 coins from the piggy banks currently moonlighting as physiotherapy weights and spend them before mid-October” commence. … Continue reading

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#janathon (physio edition)

Forgive me, physio, for I have sinned.  I did no physio whatsoever at all during December. But that is all going to change.  Well, obviously the no physio during December won’t change, because I don’t own a time machine, and … Continue reading

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Stratford-upon-Avon and Leamington parkruns (#janathon day 1)

When Andy B texted yesterday to say that his ribs were still hurting after his attempt to catch a falling tree (memo to self: do not try to catch a falling tree) and that he wouldn’t be heading to Stratford-upon-Avon … Continue reading

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Bevendean Down parkrun and The Moyleman

A month ago after a very enjoyable, if slightly undulating, downland romp around Bevendean Down parkrun, I sat in the nearby community-owned pub chatting to Janathoner Tom and his friend Ash. As we nattered about running, it emerged that Ash … Continue reading

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I am *not* Janathoning…

…I just happen to have blogged and exercised every day of January so far.

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Chichester parkrun, Brandy Hole Copse and the Centurion Way

“Easy around a Park Run where you run marathon tempo / pace for the 5km.” Over the next couple of months, my weekly mileage and long run distances are going to ramp up and my parkrun tourism is likely to … Continue reading

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I had a cunning and sneaky plan

“20 mins easy, 20 mins incorporating 2 mins on 3 mins off, 20 mins easy to finish” Work was hectic, and I barely managed a cup of tea all day, so by the time I got home, I was parched … Continue reading

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Diaphragmatic weight-lifting

“Rest” Today has been all about strength. Did I strengthen my leg muscles with squats or lunges? Did I hell. Did I strengthen my core with planks or sit ups? Don’t be silly! Did I strengthen my arms with weights … Continue reading

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